Finding the Right Shuffleboard Size and Style

Not only are shuffleboard tables a fun and entertaining game, they are also offered in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate various spaces. Official tournament shuffleboard tables measure 22 feet in length and 20 inches in width; however standard indoor shuffleboard versions for homes, recreation facilities, and entertainment venues range between 9 to 22 feet in length and 16 to 20 inches in width. When selecting the right shuffleboard for your space, you will want to consider size of the room, accessibility, and preferred style.

Room Size

Size is an important consideration when purchasing a shuffleboard table. Ideally it is best to get the largest size the room will accommodate. The longer the board, ultimately the more challenging the game is. While you can still have plenty of fun on 12 and 14 foot shuffleboard tables, when you get down to a 9 foot table, the playing surface is a on the shorter side and may not be as challenging. The size of the shuffleboard table will depend greatly on how much room is available to accommodate it, so it’s important to measure out the room. Ideally, you will want at least two feet behind each end of the shuffleboard table to be clear of any obstructions. This amount of space is sufficient room for a player to get behind and bend over for proper stance and shooting position. For example, if the longest wall in the room measures 18 feet, the longest length shuffleboard we would recommend would be a 14 foot shuffleboard, which would have 2 feet on either end for players to stand and shoot.

While shuffleboards are generally able to be positioned right next to a wall, some electronic score units require a few inches of space in order to be properly mounted to the table. Since all play is done inside of the cabinet and players stand on the ends of the shuffleboard table, you do not need any space on each side of the table beyond the inside edge of the cabinet. If you have other games and furniture in the space, you might need to consider the space needed to play those games, but you will not need any additional width in the room to accommodate a shuffleboard aside from the cabinet itself. The preferred shuffleboard table playfield width is 20 inches; however, some shuffleboards are offered in a 16 inch wide option to help accommodate smaller spaces.

Regarding size, one last important factor is the style of the table. Some styles have thicker cabinets, which might increase the entire length or width measurement by a few inches.

Room Access

Please remember, our professional installation team must have adequate access to the room. There are two major components to a shuffleboard table: the playfield and cabinet. Although most cabinets can be broken down into pieces, shuffleboard playfields are one solid piece of wood. That stated, shuffleboard playfields can be quite large and heavy, and require doorways and hallways that are wide enough to get through. Some doors are too small and some hallways are too narrow. In order to prepare your home for your new shuffleboard table, it’s important to measure and do some test runs to make sure you have the proper space. If we cannot navigate through your home with the playfield, we can still find other ways to get the shuffleboard in your gameroom: windows, cranes, ladders, and lifts. Whether up the stairs or through a window, we can put almost any shuffleboard size in your home. If you have concerns about room access, be sure to share photos and videos with your sales associate to make a plan for delivery and installation.


Shuffleboard tables range in style, from traditional to modern. Cabinets can be made of laminate, wood (maple, oak, mahogany, etc.), steel, and other durable materials. Finish options range from rich wood stains to powdered coated steel and custom two-toned finishes. Nowadays, you have a breadth of selection with the ability to customize your table to meet your specific design needs. If you don’t see exactly what you want in our standard product selection, we can build you a one-of-a-kind custom shuffleboard table. You can even put your name or company logo on the playfield!