Game Room Design 101: Layout, Seating, & Lighting

Adding a game room to your home is an experience unlike any other. There are a multitude of entertainment options for any fun seeker. Whether you are planning on hosting friends and family or just desire a sanctuary to retreat to, a game room provides endless enjoyment. Before you know it, your home will be a destination during celebrations and holidays for almost everyone you know!

Where to begin? We often encounter clients who are wildly overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, stains, and customization options available for game room furnishings. Pool tables, Shuffleboards, Foosball Tables, Arcades, Air Hockey, Ping-Pong, Media Seating, Darts, Barstools, Slot Machines, and Spectator Chairs are all offered at Universal Billiards. Luckily our highly experienced Game Room Consultants make the process easy breezy.

Some clients automatically assume they don’t have the space for a game room. You would be surprised what happens when you clear out that over stuffed garage, attic, or work shed. One super creative client at Universal Billiards renovated an old barn on his property and the end result was a breathtaking blend of Las Vegas, Dave & Busters, & Country Style.

Once you decide on a designated space for all of the fun we recommend utilizing a digital room designer. This valuable software allows you to enter in room dimensions and strategically place digital reproductions of popular game room pieces within the layout. How cool is that? Legacy Billiards offers the most versatile and functional room designer online:

Once you select your central pieces, whether Pool Table or Shuffleboard, you can move on to outfitting the game room. Shopping online continues to be solid approach to getting an idea of the look and feel you are shooting for. However, nothing beats the real deal. Booking an appointment with one of Universal Billiards Game Room Consultants is essential. A visit to our showroom allows you to experience the atmosphere of a true game room with all of the bells and whistles. Our showrooms are welcoming and our staff is highly knowledgeable.

Beyond your central pieces you will definitely want the opportunity to see what accents will best compliment your investment. Seating is pivotal to creating the perfect game room. Our line of Legacy Billiards Bar Stools, Spectator Chairs, and Storage Benches are fine furniture in and of themselves. Storage Benches, which are a huge Client favorite, allow for seating that functions also a storage unit. This multi-functional approach streamlines the entire experience within your setting.

Equally vital are Pool Table Lights. Lighting for game rooms should be generous, but soft. The overall feel should warm and intimate without overexposure. Our showrooms are consistently filled with Contemporary, Modern, and Traditional options that appeal to any Client. Tiffany Pool Table Lights are some of the most popular and provide a classic vibe. The lighting flows through ornately designed glass with lush hues of color that enhance the richness of fine woods.

More questions? Contact a Universal Billiards Game Room Consultant today for assistance in finding out more about these stylish options. They will work closely with you, step by step, to create your perfect game room. By working together we can transcend the traditional look and feel of game room design and create an oasis of fun that is uniquely you.