Disassembly we make breaking it down look easy


  • becky smith

    Aug 22, 2014 - Reply

    Today James and Joseph came to take my pool table apart for the moving van. James was very polite and very knowledgeable. He explained everything they were doing, how I need to storage the table at our temporary house, about climate control and warping, about packing the pockets, about the slate and rails. He was very professional and friendly. I would definitely want him to come to College Station when our new house is completed and set this table back up for us! I trust him :) Thank you so much for having valuable employees…. it really sets you apart in the customer service area!!!

    • Universal Billiards

      Aug 22, 2014 -


      We want to thank you for sharing your experience and are happy to hear it was exceptionable! James and Joseph are two of our finest and always aim to please! We are grateful for you choosing Universal Billiards for all your game room needs. We look forward to being of service again soon! Preston will be following up with you to ensure that James takes care of you in College Station.

  • Adam Jones

    Sep 5, 2014 - Reply

    James and Chase just let my house after disassembling my pool table. I couldn’t be more pleased with both men and the job they did. Both were very professional, polite, and knowledgeable. I asked that they take everything apart so it would store better in my POD storage container. Even though this was more work and not what is customarily done (James explained why they try to keep the cabinet in one piece), they did what I asked with the same dedication and professionalism they had when they started the job. They even tightly secured everything in the storage container to minimize any chance of shifting. Before packing the table James asked if the POD was going to be in a climate controlled location and explained the ramifications if it was not (warped and damaged rails and cushions, etc). To me, this is someone who knows their job and is truly putting the customers best interests first. They could have very easily just put everything in there like I asked and left but he took the extra time to ask. About a week and a half from now I will be having my pool table reassembled in my new home and I hope that I get the pleasure of working with James and Chase again. Great job and thank you!!

    • Universal Billiards

      Sep 6, 2014 -

      Thank you for the positive feedback, Adam. We want to thank you for your business, and we look forward to the final set-up at your new home!

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