Pool School: Learn From The Pros

Since the start of spring, we’ve hosted a special monthly event at our Farmers Branch location where customers can learn more about how to play pool. At Universal Billiards, we want our customers to get the most out of our gameroom products. This opportunity, “Pool School,” is at no cost to customers, and it’s a great opportunity to learn the basics of playing billiards. The instructor, Randy, has been playing and teaching billiards for decades, and he is not only an expert at playing pool, but he is also a superb teacher.

Randy has passed along a myriad of interesting facts and special tips to improve our pool game. For example, most pool shots are made on the outside edge of the cue tip. For this reason, it’s imperative that you chalk the outer edges of the cue when preparing for a shot. Another cool tip: Many newer players find that the cue stick fails to slide smoothly (i.e. sticks to the fingers). Some new players might use power solutions to assist with the issue; however, very few seasoned players use powder. Instead, Randy suggests simply washing the natural oils off your hands. Clean, dried hands work like a charm to solve the issue of sweaty or oily shots. Randy also suggest cleaning the cue shaft regularly.

Want to learn more?! Be sure to join us in the next “Pool School” session! Check our Facebook page for more information on dates and times.