Preparing To Move Your Pool Table

Moving is a monumental undertaking in and of itself, and the last thing we want for you is the pool table to cause headache. Below we’ve given our professional advice on some of the most frequently asked questions so that your move goes smoothly and your pool table makes it to the new home safely.

Can I move the pool table by myself?

A pool table is one of the hardest things you can move. It’s heavy, bulky, wide, and surprisingly delicate. The DIY approach can be dangerous to you and to the pool table. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to treat it like a dresser or sofa by calling a bunch of friends to help, and then twisting it every which way to fit through the door. Unfortunately, these actions often result in injury to you or your friends, and you can cause serious damage to the pool table in the process, like cracking slate, damaging rails, etc. Small damages to pool table components can become costly, and custom parts can cause a lengthy wait for repairs to be completed.

Will our moving company move the pool table?

There are several items your moving company may not move: outdoor furniture, pianos, arcades, shuffleboard tables, and pool tables, among other things. In some cases the moving company might move a disassembled pool table, but they will not disassemble or assemble the table themselves. Unless there is a great distance between the two locations, it’s usually cheaper to have a billiards company move the table versus scheduling a disassemble and assemble. It’s also preferable for our mechanics because they can ensure all components (rails, slate, hardware, etc.) travel safety to the new home.

How much will it cost?

Expect to pay somewhere between $400 and $600 if you decide to have your table disassembled, packed, transported, delivered and re-assembled by billiard companies who specialize in moving pool tables. The exact price will be based on a few variable factors, such as: make, model, size, type of slate, distance, and stairs, among other factors.

How does scheduling work?

We typically book about 1-2 weeks out, so be sure to schedule the pool table move as soon as you know your move out date. Give our stores a call, and one of our experienced Gameroom Consultants will put together the Work Order and get you scheduled.

When you call, be sure to have the following information handy:

  • Addresses of both locations
  • Size of pool table
  • Make/Model information of the pool table
  • What do the pockets look like? Are they a standard leather billiard pocket or are the pockets enclosed by a rail system?
  • Is the table coin operated or does it have a ball return system?
  • How old is the pool table?
  • Does the pool table have 3 pieces of slate or is it a 1 piece slate table?
  • Information about any stairs involved in the move

How should I prepare?

The most important thing you can do to prepare for the pool table move is to ensure open and accessible walkways. If you have piles and stacks of moving boxes, just make sure we will have enough clearance to navigate down hallways, stair cases, and out the front door. Secondly, if you plan to have a billiard light installed at the new home, please make sure the light is installed before we arrive.

What else should I consider?

While your pool table is disassembled, we can efficiently replace and upgrade components of the table. This means you could save hundreds by pairing other services with your move.

  • Felt replacement and upgrades
  • Replace dead cushions
  • Refinish rails or the whole table
  • Replace or upgrade pockets
  • Get free delivery on accessories, like billiard balls, ping pong conversion tops, and more!