The Perfect Corner

Imagine getting down on the floor, lying on your back, and looking up at the construction of your pool table. Now imagine you see what looks like a metal scrap yard. The horror! That will never be the case with a pool table from Legacy Billiards.

There is much information out there online and some information you will receive from salespersons that often times can be misleading or confusing. Legacy Billiards simplifies the entire process by stripping away inefficient and cheap hardware. Alot of competitors out there use brackets to secure the corners of their pool tables…


The Perfect Corner, developed and patented by Legacy Billiards, is the most effective and consistent method to securing the construction of your pool table. 100% hardwood panels are aligned and expertly matched creating a solid and secure structure. To compliment the craftsmanship, high torque t-nut fasteners are added. The end result is a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship and detail. This approach to construction is so popular Legacy Billiards quickly patented the technique. Once again they have improved the industry standard.

At Universal Billiards we believe in providing our Clients with the very best in the industry. When selecting your pool table don’t settle for anything but the best. A well made pool table should be constructed as if an heirloom quality piece of furniture. Brackets, screws, and other cheap metals are not built to last and even worse are just unsightly. Spending a little bit more not only gives you a better table, but also peace of mind.