The Tao of Connelly

Connelly Billiards puts the cool in pool. This enduring and prestigious company builds one beast of a pool table. Their reputation, for decades, has set the standard in the industry. Which is what makes them a perfect match for us here at Universal Billiards. We are known for our attention to detail and Connelly Billiards upholds that tradition and the results are a pool table built to last. Not to mention these models tend to make your visitors drool. Check out one of my favorites: The Scottsdale

Connelly Scottsdale

Over 30 years ago Craig Connelly founded what would become a multi-million dollar giant in the industry. Almost instantly his creations became admired throughout the world for the craftsmanship and precision inherent in their design and manufacturing. Soon Connelly Billiards was moving over 10,000 heirloom quality pool tables annually! Wow!

Today, Connelly Billiards belongs to a family of the hottest players in the market: Champion, Valley-Dynamo, Tornado, and Sunglo. All the while they have managed to retain their classic approach to building a solid pool table with Old World aesthetic…

Each table uses hand picked cherry pieces of maple with the most character. Connelly slate is highly refined and the thickest on the market; up to 2 inches for the longest roll known in the history of billiards! Only 4 to 5 master artisans are involved in the building of each table made to order. These are not massed produced tables. You even have the option of choosing amongst unlimited stain options and custom staining to match. This offers you the most unique table that no one besides you will own and the best part is all Connelly models are MADE IN TEXAS!

Any professional player will tell you the experience of playing on a Connelly is unlike any other. Their patented 4-bolt Rapid Rail System provides extremely quiet play and superior cushion dynamics. This unique feature is unmatched in the industry. The standard in pool table manufacturing is three bolts per rail. Connelly takes individual rails and drills them for the equal placement of FOUR ⅜” BOLTS! The K-66 cushions are imported from England’s finest rubber maker and are available exclusively to Connelly. What does all of this do? You get consistent, precise, and quiet play for decades to come. How much extra does this cost? Nothing. This is the standard for any Connelly Billiards pool table.

Our Gameroom Consultants know sometimes all of this information can be overwhelming. The best part is it doesn’t have to be. Our staff is highly informative and, more importantly, wildly passionate about what we do. Consider calling the showroom today and booking a consultation. This appointment allows for individualized one-on-one focus that will give you the knowledge and confidence to make choosing easy breezy and FUN!