UB Cares: Nancy Lieberman Charities Annual Celebrity Golf Classic

Universal Billiards teams up with 620AM’s Alliance for the Brave for the Nancy Lieberman Charities Annual Celebrity Golf Classic. Participation in the event helped raise $150,000 for the Nancy Lieberman Charities. The money raised at this event will support thousands of children through educational programs and basketball-related activities regardless of their ability to pay.

We brought out the UB Crew and of course the big pink table had to make an appearance as well. It was great working with everyone to make the event a success and have a lot of fun with the kids!

A bit about this charity:
“Nancy Lieberman Charities is a 501(c)3 organization funded by charitable donations and committed to promoting and developing healthy lifestyles and educational opportunities for children. All proceeds from this event will benefit the Nancy Lieberman Charities to provide a healthy physical, emotional and mental environment for young girls and boys to build their self-esteem and confidence so they will be able to make the right choices in the future.” nancylieberman.com (Follow them on Twitter)