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Deloitte University

We've worked with the team at Deloitte University's Leadership Center for many years. Their campus is stunning and overflowing with natural beauty so it's only common sense that they would have some outdoor games to compliment their indoor entertainment space.

Servicing these great games is standard practice for our team of skilled game room mechanics. The trickiest of them all is recovering their powder coated metal outdoor pool table. This unique table requires a level of expertise that some companies cannot offer. Every time we're out, we get it taken care of without issue. It's also a great excuse to enjoy the scenery!

Leveling their other products is a breeze. The Champion Shuffleboards still play like new and their logo stamped on the Tornado Foosball is a great touch!

If your business has game room service needs, visit our services page for more information. If your business needs some great new games like these for the break room, we're here to help!

Deloitte Outdoor Pool Table

Deloitte University Entertainment Space

Deloitte University Entertainment Space

Deloitte University Entertainment Space

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