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Pool Table Move

This client came to us for a pool table a few years ago. They went with the very popular Destroyer pool table which was a perfect fit for their family.

This year, they upgraded homes, moving into a beautiful residence in Frisco, TX. To accommodate, we picked up their pool table at their old house, stored it safely at our facilities, and then after the dust had settled from the closing we moved the table into their new game room.

The move went smoothly and the new game room is stunning! During the process they decided to have their cloth replaced as they wanted a nice warm earth tone for the new space. We think they chose right and it’s one of the most inviting game rooms we’ve seen yet!

Make your pool table like new with a simple cloth replacement. Choose a new color and be excited about your game room once more! Our game room services include relocation, refurbishment, and storage solutions.

Pool Table Move Recover

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