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Universal Frisco Theme Park & Family Fun

Universal Frisco Theme Park & Family Fun

Universal Parks & Resorts are bringing family-focused fun to Frisco. The Universal Frisco theme park and resort hotel shine a bright light on our passion, home recreation and family fun.

Enter from stage left, our most popular home arcade game: the Jurassic Park Pin by Stern Pinball. Based on the wildly popular Universal Studios film franchise, this game brings to life the most fearsome predator ever to walk the earth with an interactive, custom sculpted T. rex. Players will battle against the Spinosaurus by bashing a captive ball and corral Raptors in their enclosed pen with precision shooting.

We have sold and installed countless pinballs over the last few years even as demand for the units have outpaced production. These things are hard to come by but we love the instant excitement they add to a home game room or church recreation room.

Give us a call today to see if we can make your home fun enough, you won't have to fight traffic around Panther Creek Parkway and the Dallas North Tollway (20,000 guests on peak days)!
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