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About Us

Universal Billiards was founded in 1995 by Daniel McIntire with two goals in mind: curate the best selection of unique game room products and elevate customer service to a level our competition can't compete with. Today, he and his daughter, Ciarra, work tirelessly to meet these goals. With the help of their dedicated team, the company has seen promising year over year growth and feedback from customers has remained overwhelmingly positive.

  • Game room sales & service since 1995

Meet Our Team

The fun shopping experience at our Dallas and Plano Showrooms, our professional service support and the stunning custom furniture in our wood shop are the fruits of labor from the most thoughtful, committed and creative team around!

Daniel McIntire

Founder / CEO

"Mac" got involved with billiards manufacturing as a young man. In 1995, he founded Universal Billiards and grew the company to be a true powerhouse in a few short years. His easy-going sense of humor, creativity and tireless spirit continue to inspire our team.

Ciarra McIntire Brother


Daniel McIntire founded Universal Billiards and now his daughter, Ciarra, carries the torch, growing and refining the business. Through her inherited work ethic and her unique attention to detail, stress is down, morale is high and customer service remains unrivaled in DFW!

Mark Brother

Vice President

Since the late 2000's, Mark has helped Universal Billiards execute many initiatives. From billboard ads and website overhauls, to store remodels and design shows, he has proven to be a great asset for the company and a true team player.

Nicole Paschall

Store Manager

With over 7 years in the game room furniture industry, this Denton native is an expert at seeing orders through to fruition, effectively and efficiently. Her natural calm demeanor and deep knowledge of pool tables make her a favorite with all customers, especially designers.

Greg Sweeney

Sales & Service

All the way from Cincinatti, we're glad to have Greg on our team. He is skilled as a mechanic on the road and also excellent at helping customers make big purchases in our showrooms. He's tall and strong but also calm under pressure and easy to talk to. Outside of work, he enjoys cycling with friends in the White Rock Lake area.

Michael Smith

Sales & Service

Michael joined our install and delivery team back in 2020 and now we're excited to have him join our sales team! You can find him in our showrooms helping customers put together their dream game room. His friendly demeanor paired with his extensive technical experience ensures every project goes smoothly. In his free time, you can find him all around DFW chasing his 7 year old.

Braden Shuey

Sales & Service

As the owner's nephew, Braden has over 6 years experience with all aspects of our retail and service operations. He has a deep knowledge of the product and his stamina and agility are boundless. Whether on the road delivering pool tables or behind the counter selling them, this guy knows his stuff! He also sports a year-round tan.

Kendall Shuey

Admin Intern

As the owner's niece, Kendall has over 3 years experience with much of our administrative operations. As she prepares for college, she is honing her business development skills with our team, our marketing group, and our B2B clientele. She's is a naturally creative problem solver and effective business woman!

Homero Esquivel

Production Coordinator

As a master craftsman with over 30 years in cabinetry and woodworking, Homer brings a level of quality to our products that far surpasses anyone else in the industry. His skills, unwavering work ethic and great sense of humor are a huge contribution to the company! Ask him about his sneaker collection!

Casey Radermacher

Billiards Mechanic

Casey has lived all over the US and even spent time overseas. We're glad he now calls Dallas home and he's on our team! Tall and strong, easygoing and detail focused, it's no wonder he's a favorite with customers. As a natural traveler, he's the first to volunteer for our long distance installs. He can recite every line from Christmas Vacation by memory.

Trey Wood

Billiards Mechanic

Growing up in Mobile and later playing football for the University of Alabama, we're stoked to now have Trey on our team! His strength and stamina are unmatched and his trouble shooting skills make him a sure bet on any tricky install jobs. In his spare time he enjoys writing lyrics, composing beats, and occasionally performing hip-hop.

Bryan Cave

Billiards Mechanic

Coming to us from Tulsa, OK we're glad Bryan decided to relocate to Texas and join our crew. His attention to detail, calm demeanor, and mechanic skill make him the ideal team member. Outside of work, he's an avid wake-boarder, prides himself on never having a broken bone and crossing multiple continents on foot.

Maicen Fontenot

Billiards Mechanic

Maicen comes to us from Lafayette and we're glad he's here on our Dallas team! He's a favorite with customers thanks to his southern charm and mechanical know-how. He's picked up a lot of skills while pursuing his electrical engineering degree and his attention to detail ensures every project goes smoothly! In his free time he likes to relax and play golf, but never at the same time.

Patrik Huitfeldt

Billiards Mechanic

Patrik joins us from San Antonio and has established himself as a critical member of our service team. Could it be the skills he's learned from his favorite show, Cobra Kai? Maybe it's the critical forward thinking from 5 years of competitive chess play? In any case, he's got the brains and strength to make any project a success!

Luke Traina

Assistant Mechanic

All the way from Allen, TX, Luke is an awesome addition to our service team. He's a true team player, very strong, and has endless amounts of energy. This makes him an asset at work, especially on difficult installs. In his spare time, Luke hones this same skill set playing rugby competitively.

Levi Traina

Assistant Mechanic

Hailing from Allen, TX and composing half of the Traina Brother Duo, Levi is an incredible addition to our team. He treats every job with respect, always detail oriented and reliable. He stays very busy between work and school. In his spare time he's either at the gym pumping iron or nose in the books studying copper for his engineering degree.

Sean Price

Assistant Mechanic

Sean comes to us from Grapevine, TX and is a great addition to our team. He is always professional, courteous, and helpful - so much so that he's called out by name in many of our online reviews. After work, he remains undefeated in Mortal Kombat and is a competitive basketball player!

Jack Procter

Assistant Mechanic

Jack moved to Dallas from Lampasas, TX and quickly became a favorite at Universal. His experience as a championship winning hunter has left him tough and agile. His hobby working on flatbed trailers has him very mechanically inclined. All that to say, if you need a hand delivering heavy, complicated game room furniture, Jack's your man!

We're Hiring!

We love new talent on our team! Would you like to take the first step in joining our exciting and growing company?

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