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About Universal Billiards

Universal Billiards was founded in 1995 by Daniel McIntire with two goals in mind: curate the best selection of unique game room products and elevate customer service to a level our competition can't compete with. Today, he and his daughter, Ciarra, work tirelessly to meet these goals. With the help of their dedicated team, the company has seen promising year over year growth and feedback from customers has remained overwhelmingly positive.

Meet Our Team

The fun shopping experience at our Dallas and Plano Showrooms, our professional service support and the stunning custom furniture in our wood shop are the fruits of labor from the most thoughtful, committed and creative team around!

Daniel McIntire

Founder / CEO

"Mac" got involved with billiards manufacturing as a young man. In 1995, he founded Universal Billiards and grew the company to be a true powerhouse in a few short years. His easy-going sense of humor, creativity and tireless spirit continue to inspire our team.

Ciarra McIntire Brother


Daniel McIntire founded Universal Billiards and now his daughter, Ciarra, carries the torch, growing and refining the business. Through her inherited work ethic and her unique attention to detail, stress is down, morale is high and customer service remains unrivaled in DFW!

Mark Brother

Vice President

Since the late 2000's, Mark has helped Universal Billiards execute many initiatives. From billboard ads and website overhauls, to store remodels and design shows, he has proven to be a great asset for the company and a true team player.

Preston Bardol

Store Manager

With over 30 years in the furniture industry, you can see why Preston is an integral member of our team. His knowledge and wisdom is unparalleled while his demeanor is relaxed and fun. When you work with Preston you are working with one of the best!

David Beaman

Sales Consultant

David started with us years ago as a billiards mechanic and now brings those skills and talents to our sales floor. He's become an all-time favorite with customers thanks to his intimate knowledge of the service side of the industry and his genuine friendliness!

Ryan Narrowlark

Sales & Service

Joining us from Cincinatti, Ryan is a customer favorite. He's been with us for years and has the experience and attention to detail to make every project go smoothly. He loves to play bumper pool, has a costly Topo-Chico habit, father of 2, master of high fives... it's no wonder he has the best attitude in the shop!

Cooper Green

Sales & Service

Hailing from Waco, TX Cooper is an asset to our team and great with customers. He has a distinctive amazingly positive attitude and is extremely service oriented. He is also an accomplished ukulele player and a formally trained opera singer!

Braden Shuey

Sales & Service

As the owner's nephew, Braden has over 6 years experience with all aspects of our retail and service operations. He has a deep knowledge of the product and his stamina and agility are boundless. Whether on the road delivering pool tables or behind the counter selling them, this guy knows his stuff! He also sports a year-round tan.

Kendall Shuey

Admin Intern

As the owner's niece, Kendall has over 3 years experience with much of our administrative operations. As she prepares for college, she is honing her business development skills with our team, our marketing group, and our B2B clientele. She's is a naturally creative problem solver and shaping into a formidable business woman!

Andrew Deacon

Data + Web Specialist

“Deacon” has officially transplanted to Dallas from Tulsa, after helping us with projects remotely for some time. His specialties are digital media, data strategies , and online marketplaces but his talents go far beyond that. He is genuine, easy-going, and a great guy to work with! In his free time, he’s been organizing stand-up comedy events, honing his funnies behind the mic, and competing in comedy roast battles.

Homero Esquivel

Production Coordinator

As a master craftsman with over 30 years in woodworking, Homer brings a level of quality to our products that far surpasses anyone else in the industry. His skills, unwavering work ethic and great sense of humor are a huge contribution to the company!

Patrik Huitfeldt

Billiards Mechanic

Patrik joins us from San Antonio and has established himself as a critical member of our service team. Could it be the skills he's learned from his favorite show, Cobra Kai? Maybe it's the critical forward thinking from 5 years of competitive chess play? In any case, he's got the brains and strength to make any project a success!

Jack Procter

Billiards Mechanic

Jack moved to Dallas from Lampasas, TX and quickly became a favorite at Universal. His experience as a championship winning hunter has left him tough and agile. His hobby working on flatbed trailers has him very mechanically inclined. All that to say, if you need a hand delivering heavy, complicated game room furniture, Jack's your man!

Sean Price

Billiards Mechanic

Sean comes to us from Grapevine, TX and is a great addition to our team. He is always professional, courteous, and helpful - so much so that he's called out by name in many of our online reviews. After work, he remains undefeated in Mortal Kombat and is a competitive basketball player!

Maicen Fontenot

Assistant Mechanic

Maicen comes to us from Lafayette and we're glad he's here on our Dallas team! He's a favorite with customers thanks to his southern charm and mechanical know-how. He's picked up a lot of skills while pursuing his electrical engineering degree and his attention to detail ensures every project goes smoothly! In his free time he likes to relax and play golf, but never at the same time.

Luke Traina

Assistant Mechanic

All the way from Allen, TX, Luke is an awesome addition to our service team. He's a true team player, very strong, and has endless amounts of energy. This makes him an asset at work, especially on difficult installs. In his spare time, Luke hones this same skill set playing rugby competitively.

Geoff Hammons

Assistant Mechanic

Geoff is an awesome addition to our service and install team. Not only is he tall statured and super strong, but he's also super sharp and mechanically inclined. We credit his past experience selling aircraft parts to US military contractors. That and his affinity for creating arrowheads from raw flint rock. He's a big fan of fossilized dino dung. Didn't know that was a thing but there you go!

William Mckinney

Assistant Mechanic

Will comes to us from Colorado City, TX and has proven to be one of our most vital team members. His upbeat attitude and strong work ethic makes every job he assists with run effectively and efficiently. He is an avid golfer so when he isn't working on pool tables and shuffle boards you can find him at the golf course.

Tyson Snarr

Assistant Mechanic

Since joining us from the beautiful state of Washington, Tyson has proved to be a vital member of the team combining strength, stamina, and an abundance of common sense. He's always cool under pressure, always on time and always in a good mood!

Andy Byers

Assistant Mechanic

Andy joins us from Austin, TX and he brings his artistic roots with him. Formally educated in biochem, it’s no surprise he's sharp. With over 3 years in the billiards industry, his quick wit and sharp focus make working with Andy stress free!

Timmy Peikert

Assistant Mechanic

Coming to us from Lubbock, it’s no surprise that Timmy has a background in machining parts for oil rigs. Not only is this guy mechanically inclined, but he's a great team player, always the first to volunteer his assistance and lend a hand.

Prince Proctor

Assistant Mechanic

Hailing from Huntington Beach, Prince is a man of many talents. With a background in construction, it comes as no surprise that he’s super strong and mechanically inclined. In his free time, Prince also dukes it out in underground rap battles in Deep Ellum, TX!

Ryan Firestone

Assistant Mechanic

Ryan studies business management and plays baseball at Weatherford College. He’s played since age 5 and developed an outstanding work ethic and an eye for detail. Of his personal possessions, he is most proud of his tin foil ball that is now over 3 feet in diameter!

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