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Pool Table Cloth Guide

Some call it pool table felt, others just call it cloth. Quite simply, it is the fabric covering over a pool table's entire play surface extending up onto rails. Billiard cloth is very important as it not only affects the look and the feel of the vast majority of the top of the table, but it also has everything to do with the performance of ball roll during game play.

How do I pick out my billiard cloth?

Selecting billiard cloth for your pool table really entails two decisions. First, you'll pick which cloth type is best for your intended use. Then you get to pick your favorite color offered for that type.

Which billiard cloth type should I chose?

We offer 5 unique types of billiard cloth: Standard, American Pro, Euro Pro, All Weather, and Customized. Those options are listed below, but for most setups, our Standard Billiard Cloth is the best fit for home use and casual players. There is information on each type below to help you determine which would be the best fit, but if you're feeling overwhelmed by the options, Standard Billiard Cloth is always a safe bet!

What color should I go with?

Once you have selected your cloth type, it's time to pick a color. Whether you're working with colors already in your space or simply trying to match an inspo pic, remember that picking a color is not permanent. Depending on usage and wear, you will have your cloth replaced many times over the lifespan of the pool table. That means each time you decide to recover your table with new cloth, you can choose a new color or even a new type!

If you're having a hard time making a decision, nothing beats seeing your cloth in person. A visit to one of our North Texas showrooms will get you hands on, comparing cloth samples side by side. One of our game room consultants will work with you to find the best fit. We'll lay your top selections over the rails of a pool table to see how the fabric works with the texture and finish color of a particular model.

Standard Billiard Cloth

This woolen cloth is by far our best seller. Our curated collection of Championship Billiards' Invitational series is formulated specifically for home installs and recreational play. The fabric composition is such that ball roll isn't too fast, which makes game play a little easier. And to boost stain resistance, this fabric is coated with a Teflon additive which is sure to increase the lifespan and appearance of your play surface!

  • Ideal for Home / Casual Players
  • Grade: Recreational
  • Composition: 20 oz, 75 / 25 Wool / Nylon
  • Ball Roll: Normal

American Pro Billiard Cloth

For professional players, this worsted cloth is our most popular option. Our meticulously curated collection of Championship Billiards' unique Tour Edition series is formulated specifically for our customers looking for more competitive play. The fabric composition is such that ball roll is extremely fast and accurate, which requires much more precision on the part of the players. In fact, this is our fastest playing cloth! Less prone to divots and burn resistant, its heavier weight and 2-ply construction makes it the most durable tournament quality fabric in the industry!

  • Ideal for Experienced Players
  • Grade: Tournament
  • Composition: 24 oz, 70 / 30 Wool / Nylon
  • Ball Roll: Fast / Precise

Euro Pro Billiard Cloth

This worsted cloth is our go to for more traditional players. Manufactured in Belgium since 1680, the Simonis brand has long established itself as the main manufacturer of international billiard / snooker cloth. Our well curated selection from their 860 series represents the true traditional, european billiards experience. The fabric composition is such that ball roll is fast and accurate, requiring precision and skill. Durable construction means this cloth is resistant to burns and divots as well. If you're looking for high quality and brand recognition, this is it!

  • Ideal for Experienced Players
  • Grade: Tournament
  • Composition: 23 oz, 90 / 10 Wool / Nylon
  • Ball Roll: Fast / Precise

All Weather Billiard Cloth

Fade proof, water-resistant, and easy to clean, this impressive fabric is the clear choice for all outdoor tables. Known commonly as Sunbrella Canvas fabrics, you’re probably already familiar with the high quality and extra durable nature of this material. Often found on outdoor upholstery, pillows, and umbrellas, this fabric also works perfectly on pool tables! The consistent flat weave and rich matte colors make for a great statement piece while the water and stain repellent finish allow this material the versatility to shine indoors and outdoors.

  • Ideal for Poolside & Patio
  • Grade: Recreational
  • Composition: 100% Sunbrella Acrylic
  • Ball Roll: Fast / Precise

Customized Billiard Cloth

Customized billiard cloth is ideal for businesses wanting the utmost in branding. Get your company logo or family crest printed directly to your table's playing surface for that extra wow factor! To ensure quality game play, this material has an additional anti-friction coating applied for consistent ball spin and a laminated backing to control ball speed.

  • Ideal for Business & Branding
  • Grade: Recreational
  • Composition: Dye Sub Polyester Blend
  • Ball Roll: Fast / Precise


Our billiard cloth guide is only meant to serve as a rough approximation of material quality. In-store, physical samples should always be used when accuracy of color and texture are of critical importance to the success of your order. Please note, for dyed materials and printed fabrics, some variation in color may occur and should be expected. Exact color matching is not offered or guaranteed.

In the case of customized billiard cloth, our in-house graphic art team will work with you to ensure best results on your custom print. We recommend using vector art files. While it is possible to use photographs and raster images, the final print quality will depend on the clarity and resolution of the file you provide. A canvas this large requires extremely high resolutions! In all cases, a mockup will be sent for your final approval. Please note, there are no refunds or reprints on customized billiard cloth orders.