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Game Room Maintenance Guide

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If you ever have any game room service needs, we strongly suggest that these be carried out by our highly experienced team of professionals. We offer a full range of services such as:


Billiard Table Cloth

Until properly broken in, new cloth can considerably affect ball roll. This is normal. Break in your cloth by brushing it as often as possible during the first three months of use.

Make sure to brush billiard table cloth in the same direction every time.

Alternate breaking and racking ends of the table when possible. Try to avoid excessively sliding the rack-tray in one motion.

Beware: Trick shots often lead to scars or tears in cloth.

Chalk is a grinding agent; do not chalk your cue over the table. Also, make sure your chalk matches the cloth on your pool table.


Billiard Table Accessories and Cues

Billiard balls may be cleaned, as needed, with a mild house hold degreaser. They can be dried and polished with a clean soft cloth. For added shine, apply a paste wax, and buff to a brighter luster.

Cues are susceptible to warping, which is commonly caused by exposure to heat. We do strongly suggest storing your cues away from direct sunlight and heat vents. Also, to discourage warping, do not lean sticks against the wall or pool table and never lean your body weight onto a cue.

Polish cues, as needed, with a clean soft cloth. Remember, clean hands help prevent dirt and oil build up on cues.

Use ‘Cue Slickers’ rather than hand powder to keep the cue surface smooth.

Use ‘Bowtie Tip Tools’ to keep the cue tip primed for optimal chalk grip.


Billiard Table Pockets and Hardware

Do not sit or lean on pockets.

As needed, dust pockets, and/or clean with damp cloth and mild soap.

Avoid storing balls in pockets for extended periods of time. There are several solutions for storing billiard balls, including a hidden drawer under the pool table or cue racks. For more information, contact us.


Billiard Table Nevers

Never sit on your table, as it could break the seal between the rails and the cushions, which leads to decreased ball response.

Never attempt to move your pool table. Even a few inches of movement can throw the table out of level. If you need to move your table for any reason, please contact us.

Never place food or drinks on your table.

Never stand on your table, as it could throw your table out of level.

Never use harsh cleaners or chemicals to clean your tables.

Never throw or place sharp objects on your table. Car keys, tools, and toys can do serious damage to both the table and cloth.


Shuffleboard Climate Adjusters

Throughout the year, a shuffleboard may react to temperature or humidity changes. The playfield is natural wood and will absorb moisture in humidity and expand or contract with temperature changes. If you notice the puck is drifting to one side of your shuffleboard, contact us. We can schedule a time to relevel your shuffleboard.


Shuffleboard Playfield

Using a shuffleboard brush, push away the powder into the gutter with a sweeping motion down the playfield. The powder can then be removed using a canister vacuum. After the playfield is clean, apply a fresh coat of silicone spray and shuffleboard wax. This should be done every 5 games of shuffleboard.


Clean and Care Instructions: Wood

To preserve the beauty of your game room furniture, remove household dust with a soft, dampened cloth. We recommend using microfiber clothes, as they are least likely to cause surface scratches. Dust in the direction of the wood grain to prevent noticeable scratches from dust particles.

For a more thorough cleaning, a solution of mild soap or oil soap for wood is recommended. Spray furniture waxes and polishes are not necessary and can cloud furniture finish.

Wood furniture should not be exposed to extreme heat or humidity. Avoid placing your furniture near vents, radiators, fireplaces, or air conditioning units. Also, to protect your finish against fading, avoid direct sunlight.

If you have small scratches and nicks, furniture touch-up pens can help minimize the appearance of this common wear and tear. Just make sure you test the color of the pen in a small area before using on a large scratch. We recommend Mohawk finishing products, which can be found at your local hardware store and many online retailers.

Protect surfaces from liquids by using coasters, saucers, or trays under beverages or decorative plants. Spilled liquids should be wiped up immediately with a soft cloth.


Clean and Care Instructions: Metal

Avoid Harsh Chemical Cleaners. Powder coatings can be damaged by harsh solvents. A number of commercial cleaning products can cause damage to these types of finishes. Once the finish has become damaged, it is much more vulnerable to fading, staining, and failure of the finish itself. When harsh chemical cleaners are used on powder coated surfaces, the life expectancy of the finish can be cut in half.

Use a Mild Soap and Water. All powder coated products should be cleaned with either a soft cloth or a brush, using a solution of mild soap and warm water. The best type of soap to use for this purpose is one that has emulsifiers that can break down the most common types of stains.

Exposed surfaces of powder coated products that are deemed the most critical should be cleaned regularly (on either a weekly or a bi-weekly schedule). These can be wiped down and rinsed with filtered water.


Clean and Care Instructions: Leather

Use a soft cloth or the soft brush on your vacuum cleaner to dust the leather. For a more thorough cleaning, use a dampened cloth and then wipe the leather dry. Do not use saddle soaps, polish, or wax furniture for cleaning.

If you have a spill, immediately blot dry with a soft cloth.

Avoid exposing the leather to direct sunlight or other heat sources, which can dry out and/or discolor the leather.

Nail polish, ink pens, paint and other common household products can cause permanent damage to leather.

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