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Room Size Planning

At Universal Billiards, we're here to help you find the perfect fit for your game room and that starts with a discussion of overall space and also furniture placement in the room. Below you will find our best efforts to help you plan for our larger, most popular game room furnishings: pool tables and shuffleboards. A quick review of this information will help you familiarize yourself with the various size options and what they mean.

Your game room is more than just another space — it’s an escape where memories are made. So, grab your measuring tape, consult our charts, and let’s transform that room into a haven of fun and competition!

Pool Tables

You definitely want a regulation pool table, but what does that mean exactly? In billiards, the term “Regulation" refers to the geometry of the play field: the table should be exactly twice and long as it is wide. This means that a regulation 8' pool table should be 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. Any size table can be considered "Regulation" so long as the table length to width ratio is consistent with these measurements. There are commonly 7 foot, 8 foot, 8 foot over-sized, and 9 foot varieties of regulation pool tables. Here are some other important ideas to consider when selecting a pool table size:

  • 6' and 7' pool tables are commonly called Bar Size, as this is common to most coin-operated tables played in pubs and bars. Many home owners opt for a 7' pool table, especially if their space is smaller or they want to fit in other fun games, like a shuffleboard or arcade.
  • 8' pool tables are the most common size sold in the USA for homes and private residences. Over 70% of our pool table sales are 8' tables. If the room is large enough, an 8' pool table will likely feel like the "right" size for the space. There are also many tournaments that are played on 8' pool tables, so it's still a heavy contender in regards to professional play.
  • 9' pool tables are still used in professional tournaments but rarely in private residences. Since there is more surface area to cover, playing on a 9' pool table does require extra skill and finesse, which is why some professional pool players prefer this size.

Our goal is to help you find the right size pool table for your space that allows you to get the maximum enjoyment out of the table. For most people, this means finding a table that allows the player to shoot with a full sized cue from as many angles as possible around the table. Below is a chart of our recommended room sizes for full sized cues (or 58" cues) and shorter cues.

Shuffleboard Tables

There are two important sets of measurements with shuffleboard tables: playfield size and cradle size. The playfield is the long wooden board that sits inside of the shuffleboard table. The cradle is the larger cabinet where the playfield sits.

While the length of shuffleboard playfields remains constant between varying cradle sizes, the playfield width is available in Sport and/or Pro sizes. Sport shuffleboard playfields measure 16” wide. Pro shuffleboard playfields measure 20” wide, which is the tournament specification for playing shuffleboard. We recommend Sport shuffleboards for smaller, tighter rooms or residential use. We recommend Pro shuffleboards for larger spaces, commercial use, and individuals looking for a more challenging game.

Regarding length, regulation competition level shuffleboard tables should feature a 22 foot long cradle; however, shuffleboard tables today are found in many homes and may not have the length available to handle regulation length. As a result, there is a large demand and market for much shorter tables. Of these, the most common size for residential use are 9 foot, 12 foot, and 14 foot in length with either a 16 inch or 20 inch wide playfield.

Our goal is to help you find the right size shuffleboard table for your space that allows you to get the maximum enjoyment out of the table. For most people, this means finding a table that allows the player to shoot with at least 3' of space on each end of the table. Below are cradle measurements for various lengths and playfield sizes of shuffleboard tables. Some cradles have more decorative trim on the outside edge, which is why we like to add a few inches for the range of each overall size.


Before placing an order on large furniture, we strongly recommend that you carefully measure and assess the available space in your game room. Our most popular products, like pool tables and shuffleboards, are substantial in size. While our team is here to assist you throughout the process, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your game room can accommodate the chosen furniture.

Here are a few important points to consider:

  1. Space Verification: Measure the dimensions of your game room, including doorways, hallways, and any tight corners. Ensure that there is ample room for the furniture to be delivered and set up comfortably.
  2. Product Dimensions: Refer to the product specifications provided on our website. Pay attention to the length, width, and height of the item you intend to purchase. Keep in mind that pool tables, shuffleboards, and other large pieces require additional clearance around them to comfortably accommodate game play.
  3. Restocking Fees: If, after delivery, you find that the furniture does not fit due to space constraints, we understand. However, please note any returns will incur restocking fees. See our refund policy for details.
  4. Delivery Costs: Returns due to space limitations, do not include refunds for any associated services such as white glove delivery and installation. See our refund policy for details.

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality game room furniture that enhances your leisure experience. By taking the time to assess your available space, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable setup.